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About us

With the desire to establish a long-term cooperation relationship with customers, Sao Mai Joint Stock Company is pleased to introduce the products and goods that we are providing in domestic and foreign markets, including: The main product lines include the following:

  • Cement packaging
  • Kraft Paper Packaging
  • PP packaging for agricultural products, rice, sugar.
  • PP packaging for rock/mineral powder
  • Fertilizer packaging
  • BOPP, JUMBO packaging for export
  • Supermarket bag

With the capacity of machinery, modern technology combined with the source of paper materials, primary plastic beads imported from abroad, Sao Mai Joint Stock Company always ensures the quality of each packaging product provided. for the market.

Besides, the advantage of a team of skilled and professional workers helps our company always ensure on time and flexible delivery methods, quickly responding to customers' requirements. Especially, with highly competitive prices in the market, it will definitely bring the highest satisfaction to you!

Please contact us immediately for more detailed and practical information that you are looking for!

About us
About us
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